Neal"If I made a mistake, I would want someone to give me a second chance. I am a businessman who has hired employees with felonies in their past, and I have found loyal and committed employees."

Russel C. Neal, Jr.
Graffiti Print Shop

Johnson"Everybody makes mistakes. I believe people deserve second chances."

Henry Johnson
Business Owner
Acme Store

Skeriotis"I serve a God of second changes, so I am willing to hire a returning felon. If that person has truly had a heart change, I know that giving them a chance with a job makes for a better community and a better country."

Nick Skeriotis
S & K Asphalt

Wiseman"Hiring ex-offenders has been a life changing opportunity for both me and for the new employee. While there can be challenges, the rewards far outweigh any concerns. I currently employ 7 people with backgrounds and they participate in every facet of our operation."

John Wiseman
The Urbean Cafe'
Metro Regional Transit Center

Be A Good Business Person


Work Opportunity Tax Credit

    Free Federal Bonding

      • Provides insurance as employer protection • 100% success rate: Ohio has had no claims for this program.

      • See Bonds for Jobs

        The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

          • New guidelines recommend considering applicants on an individual basis rather than excluding everyone with a criminal record.

          • Delay background checks, until after you meet/interview all applicants who match your job needs.
          • When hiring, consider: the type of crime, the time since completing the sentence, and the kind of job you need filled.

          • Avoid legal disputes relating to the Civil Rights Act by fully considering all job applicants.

          • See EEOC

          Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE)

            • Employers are granted immunity from negligent hiring claims, when hiring applicants who have a “Certificate of Qualification for Employment”. Through Senate Bill 337, the Ohio government has provided this incentive to encourage you to hire employees who have criminal convictions in their past.
            • The Certificate of Qualification is granted to eligible petitioners through the local Common Pleas Court.
            • When hiring, consider: the type of crime, the time since completing the sentence, and the kind of job you need filled.

            • When approved, the CQE acts as a recommendation that the applicant is a contributing member of society, who has moved on from prior mistakes.

            • Successfully acquiring the CQE also allows State Boards to grant and/or reinstate certifications and licenses on a case by case basis.

            • See:  Employer Benefits; SB 337 Facts  or SB 337 Facts Summary


            THE END

            Be A Good Citizen

            • Giving people second chances through employment isn’t being soft on crime, it’s being smart on crime.
            • Approximately 71% of individuals who move to Summit County after incarceration at state prisons do not have a new conviction after three years.
            • Consider every applicant on a case-by-case basis and dare to hire citizens who made a mistake in their past.
            • Not only will you be contributing to public safety, reunifying families, and strengthening our economy, you will also gain loyal employees who will make strong impact within your company.

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